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Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs – Coastal Virginia Magazine – July 2015
Everyone loves deviled eggs, but add a little twist to some with the addition of pimento cheese, the unofficial pate’ of the south.
You can hard boil fresh-from-a-farmers market eggs (find a list from Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads) in no time, or if you are in a real time crunch, grab some from a salad bar at a grocery store.
Remove the yolk and mash with a few tablespoons of house-made pimento cheese from The Creative Wedge (located in Virginia Beach’s Hilltop West Shopping Center) and a teaspoon or two of Greek yogurt to smooth things out. Use a large tip on a pastry bag to pipe mixture back into egg halves and garnish with a few chopped chives.
By: Patrick Evans-Hylton

By: Victoria Bourne

By: Anne Leonard

An Homage to Fromage – Virginia Living Magazine – March 2015

“But even sans innovation, like any other state or region, Virginia’s cheeses as a whole are distinct, thanks to a shared provenance. Like wine, a cheese’s regional or even its specific identity is rooted in its terroir, the sum of the environmental conditions that convey the essence of a place through flavors. A California brie, for instance, tastes different than one made in Virginia. “The processes are the same,” says Sloane Solanto of the Creative Wedge in Virginia Beach, a shop that features Virginia-made artisanal products. “But the terroir gives it its uniqueness.” If soil and climate are elements that affect the flavor of a wine, what comprises a cheese’s terroir? Primarily, says Solanto, “It’s determined by what the animals are eating and the water they drink.”

By: Kara Driscoll

By: Mary Reid Barrow 

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