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The Wedge’s Very Own Chow Chow

In July of 2018 The Wedge released the first of our own line of homemade jarred goods, Southern Style Chow Chow! 

What is it you ask? We’d say Pickled Awesomeness! But seriously, Chow Chow’s history is vague but the idea of it has been around throughout the history of the Americas. Ingredients vary depending on where in the country it is made and is/was a great way to preserve the end of the harvest vegetables. Our version mimics old southern recipes with plenty of cabbage, peppers and onions but with a twist. We actually use tomatillos instead of green tomatoes! 

Chow Chow can be considered condiment or a side dish, my grandad loves his right on a saltine cracker. Try it on a plate with pinto beans and cornbread, collard green, burgers, sausages, and on CHEESE! We like to eat it on top of Sloane’s Smoked Gouda Dip which also happens to be made in house. So stop on by the shop or any local markets we attend to try a sample of  this Pickled Awesomeness. 

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