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New New New in 2019

We Wedgies are so excited because some of the new items we ordered in Philadelphia are starting to come in. Come by and see us sometime and we’ll help you pick out something special for you or a friend.

Jonathan’s Spoons and MoonSpoon® are designed by Jonathan and Julia Simons.  About thirty six years ago Jonathan started making wood spoons and has designed them ever since.

When Jonathan met his wife, Julia, also an artist, they chose to put their design ideas together and make their own unique line of wooden spoons. 

“Wooden spoons
are some of the simplest tools
in our homes, yet have an unlimited variety
of uses and designs to explore.
My collection of handcrafted cherry wood utensils
has evolved over 40 years of
experimentation in the woodshop
and kitchen. Use them at the stove
or on the table.
I hope you will enjoy the balance,
function and quality I have built into every utensil
and that they will serve you with pleasure
for many years.

— jonathan simons

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