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Wedge of Cheese

Cheese Spreads
Homemade cheese spreads are good on more than just crackers! Try fresh veggies, on a sandwich, rolled up in a chicken breast, or in an omelette

Come by some time and try our famous cheese spreads! We’ll have to warn you though, you WILL get addicted! 

Sloane’s Smoked Gouda Dip

Memaw’s Pimento Cheese

TnT Horseradish Cheddar

Jack Attack Pepper Jack Spread

Beach Bum Bacon Beer Cheese

Memaw of the Pimento Cheese

Meadow Creek Dairy Farmstead Cheese
Farmstead Chevre
Ashe County Cheese
Aged Raw Milk Cheese
Aged raw milk cheese from Easton, MD

In addition to our homemade spreads we carry a variety of regional block cheeses. Selections may vary with the seasons but generally we carry the following…

  • Meadow Creek Dairy, a family farm in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Since 1980, farming has been their craft. They are dedicated to providing our customers with a full flavored, healthy, ecologically friendly cheese. One of which is Appalachian, a lightly cooked, pressed-curd cheese, aged for at least ninety days in our cellars, Appalachian is a lush, vibrant cheese evocative of cream and butter with a mushroom earthiness that recalls the intensity of the cellars. Its lemon notes shade to toasted as the cheese ages. The texture is velvety, melting on the tongue.” Another favorite is “Our longest-aged cheese, Mountaineer spends at least six months in our cellar. The result is a true Alpine cheese with a supple texture that dissolves on the tongue. The complex flavor starts off buttery before deepening to a roasted nuttiness, mellowing into a rich, beefy finish with a touch of caramel.”
  • Goats R Us from Blackstone, VA sends us fresh chèvre in a variety of flavors. We usually have on hand Natural, Pineapple Walnut, Dill with Garlic, Honey Lavender, Garlic with Chives, and Cocoa! 
  • Chapel’s Country Creamery makes raw milk cheese from their Holstein and Jersey cows milk on their 45 acre farm in Easton, Maryland. We carry Bay Blue, a Stilton-style variety with creamy undercurrents. Their delicious Talbot Reserve, a creamy and sharp cheddar, cave-aged for over a year, with complex flavors and a bloomy white rind. Last but not least is Garlic and Chive Cheddar, a young cheddar with sharp accents of garlic and chives but moist and creamy in its texture.
  • Mainstreet Farmstead in the Shenandoah Valley supplies us with fresh, all natural, delicious cheese. This dairy has been owned and operated by the Conner Family since 1977. We carry their Smoked Cheddar, Smoked Jalapeño Cheddar, and a Gouda style, all of which are delicious! 
  • Ashe County Cheese from West Jefferson, NC has been making cheese since 1930! Our selection varies, popular ones are Black Label Carolina Cheddar, Buffalo Jack, Reaper Jack, Garden Vegetable Jack, Cajun Cheddar and a Super Sharp 5 Year Cheddar. 
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  • Ashley Medeiros

    I’m so sad that we are no longer stationed in the military close by.. wish we could purchase online!!! Miss this place a ton 💚💚💚

    • admin

      Hey Ashley! We are sad you are no longer here too. I was attempting to pack cheese for shipping yesterday but the ice packs weigh more than the cheese, so it is not a practical item to ship. If you ever see any items in the photographs we take that you can’t live without please shoot us a message or call and most likely it can be shipped. Take care, Sloane and Barbara

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