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J Glynn Winters Photographs


Y’all might recognize Cape Story By The Sea resident, Jessica “Jeannie” Winters, from your walks down by the Chesapeake Bay. She can be found there most afternoons enjoying life and taking pictures or maybe you’ve seen her selling her work at Shore Drive Farmers Market. But did you know that she officially became a Wedgie in the fall of 2018? Now you can find her 3 – 4 days a week at the shop and her beautiful canvases also which have been in the shop since 2013!

This child of nature captures moments of natural beauty while enjoying the great outdoors on her walks, while kayaking, hiking, etc.  She grew up on the gulf coast of Florida where she acquired her love of the great outdoors. After moving to Virginia, Jessica immediately fell for the natural beauty in this lovely slice of paradise. She says she is incredibly fortunate to live a stone’s throw away from the beach at the Chesapeake Bay, and also a short walk from First Landing aka Seashore State Park. She rarely leave the house without her camera, and is continually treated to photo opportunities of the natural and scenic kind!


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