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The Letter A

The letter A in the ABC’s of Creative Living

A blog post by Wedgie Sloane

While pondering the habit of creating, I came up with this idea of the ABC’s of Creative Living, a kind of personal guide to living as creatively as I can. Since I redesigned my blog last year I hadn’t really decided what I wanted to focus on. Finally an Ah Ha moment came to me and I knew it was right, I can combine a quick creative collage exercises with writing. Writing is something I enjoy and haven’t been diligent about pursuing in a long time so here we go without further ado I shall begin with the letter A.

A is for Art

I am a visual Artist with a preference towards collage. Although I do dabble in reclaimed ceramic mosaics and other upcycle-y projects.

A is for Action

To do anything creative you have to take Action. I can talk about it until I am blue in the face but I find it best to jump right in. If it doesn’t work out, so what, move on to the next idea.

A is for Appreciate

Appreciate art by going to a museum, reading magazines, looking at books, watching documentaries and going to arts and craft shows. I may not like everything and that’s ok, but I will be able to get out of my own head for a little while and hopefully be inspired to create something new.

A is for Acceptance

Accept that everyday I am not going to create a masterpiece. Accept that I might not have the ideal work space or all the supplies I would like. Accept the fact that I will often be interrupted unless I move to a desert island. Accept that somedays I might not actually DO anything but look at my favorite artists on Instagram while in bed with a pile of dogs on top of me.

A few of my favorite Instagram artists and hashtags in no particular order:

@nullsie , @estemacleod , @yappingcatstudio , @evesjulia12 , @lynnwhipple ,  @marylynnmoffatt , 

@tashpristas , #colorcrushcreative#contemporaryfolkart , #folkartist , #explorecolour

What are some of your favorite creators to follow? And how about your thoughts on the letter A in terms of creative living?

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