Call To Artists

Art Show and Birthday Party on hold until further notice!!! We’ll let you know as soon as everything settles down!

Hey y’all! It’s time to start thinking about our next community art show, Let It Shine! April is our annual fundraiser for I Need A LightHouse, Inc. so it only makes sense to theme the show around LIGHT.

“The light you shine may be a beacon in the darkness for others to follow. Don’t be afraid to Let It Shine.”

Let’s explore all things Light in this exhibit. Fireflies, sunrises, light houses, moon light, All Things LIGHT!

Important Info:

In an effort to put together a harmonious mix of work for the exhibit we are asking everyone to DM us here or email with the work you are interested in submitting no later than March 21st.

Once approved you have until March 28th to deliver the goods. Make sure your work is has a retail price and is ready to hang!

Exhibit up from April 4th (our 7th birthday celebration) until April 25th.

Commissions on all sold work will be paid when you pick up what’s left during the week of April 7th – May 2nd.
60% to the artist, 30% to The Creative Wedge, and 10% to I Need A LightHouse, Inc.


Do I have to be a “professional” artist to participate?
No, heck no, be creative you! We welcome everyone, well as long as you stick with the theme.

What’s the theme?
April’s theme is LIGHT, all things light. If it doesn’t scream at us LIGHT you will need to provide us a description that we can hang explaining WHY this means light, being the light, sharing the light whatever. Let’s make this make sense!

What do you mean by “ready to hang”?
Adding a saw tooth hanger or use picture hanging wire.

Click HERE for a WikiHow on sawtoothed hangers.

Click HERE for wire hanging. 

How do I price my work?
One way is to consider your time and materials. How long did it take you? How much do you think you should make an hour.
Some folks prefer to price by the square inch. Let’s say your piece is 12×12=144 sq. in. and then figure you per inch price 30 cents? 60 cents? $2.50. Example 144 x .60 = $86.40 and even if this seems low or high at least now you have a starting point.
I like the square inch because I can never calculate my time as I work sporadically.
Either formula is a good idea because it takes your emotions out of the decision.

We are willing to help when time allows, but that is not always an option so best to come prepared.