We Are The Wedgies

630 Hilltop West Shopping Center 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

In July of 2012 Barbara Densley and myself, Sloane Solanto, decided to open a gift shop that incorporated cheese and handcrafted gifts. By April of 2013 we were open for business and haven’t looked back. 

We are living the dream here in our happy home away from home. The Wedge is a bright, colorful, whimsical and welcoming destination where you can find a gift for just about anyone, a little treat for yourself, or a friendly face and a smile. 

You might be wondering where the term Wedgie comes from…

Well, the Creative Wedge has a mascot, Wedgie The Mouse who was created by a local artist and friend, David Twigg, of Katie Twigg Greetings.

While designing our vehicle wraps in 2017 we asked David to create a pair of She Mice to represent us. You won’t miss us coming down the road!

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